Why Choose Kacey

Kacey Griggs is a Sunshine Coast Kinesiologist

Kacey Griggs is a Sunshine Coast Kinesiologist, workshop teacher, plus practitioner of Tuning Forks and Australian Bush Flower Essences within her practice True Balance Within Kinesiology. The best reason to choose Kacey is how people feel after her balances. Kacey’s first experience with Kinesiology was when a rash she had for 5 years over her body, was permanently cured in a matter of weeks through a number of Kinesiology sessions. The cause of this rash was not being able to process anger. As a child Kacey kept all her anger within so over the years it started to have a major impact on her wellbeing. The body eventually presented the symptom (rash) to say ‘hey, something isn’t right’, please do something about this. Unaware of the cause, thinking it was just a rash Kacey band-aided the symptom with cream. That helped for a couple of weeks. Upon reaching breaking point Kacey was referred to a Kinesiologist where her journey to freedom began. Kinesiology helped find the cause of her anger. The cause was cleared and body healed itself. Since graduating, Kacey has helped many people regain their wellbeing and find true balance through Kinesiology. Without judgement or lectures, Kacey provides a safe place for you to honestly look at your life and issues, admit how you feel and help you move forward to a positive place.

Energy Healing Services Available:

  • Kinesiology for Me
  • Kinesiology for Pets
  • Kinesiology for Spaces
  • Align with your name
  • Chakra Balance
  • Tuning Forks
  • Vibrational Essences
  • Reflexology

If you have any presenting symptoms or feel it is time to address some things in your life, then contact Kacey today. Call True Balance Within Kinesiology today and book your Sunshine Coast Kinesiology appointment.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe understanding environment where the tools of Kinesiology combine with the innate wisdom of the individual; to see them rise to their potential, and help them recognize their abilities regardless of occupation, gender, race or size; to remove limiting beliefs and emotions so they can ultimately fulfil their dreams and ambitions and be who they truly are.

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