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Thought Field Therapy

During the years I was having Kinesiology, the practitioner I saw, who later became a great friend and mentor, incorporated TFT into his Kinesiology sessions.  I found this really enhanced the efficiency of the overall balance by releasing blocked energy in the thought field.  For this reason, I incorporate this technique in the balances that I do. 

The emotional upset that comes with unconscious and conscious thought has a huge impact on your reactive behaviour.  How much stress is occurring in your body just by thought? 

This is an excerpt from the book Tapping the Healer Within, which was written by the founder of TFT, Roger Callahan

TFT is a very effective way of releasing blocked energy contained in the thought field. Emotions are triggered with thought. Fears, phobias, past traumas, addictive urges, panic, anxiety, anger, rage, obsession, love pain, guilt, physical pain, depression, embarrassment and shame are all different tapping algorithms that release the negative effects of emotional upset. TFT also works with energy reversals. This is when the polarity of the body switches causing healing and changes to be ineffective.

Thought Field Therapy ® (originally the Callahan Techniques ® ) is a taping system that facilitates healing by accessing and resolving the root cause of a problem, whether emotional or physical. TFT assists with resolving negative emotions such as (but not limited to) phobias, anger, guilt, grief, trauma, addictions, depression, etc. These negative emotions and many physical problems are condensed information in energy form, bound in what Roger Callahan calls a Thought Field. The active information in this Thought Field creates the distress by controlling the negative emotions, and subsequently our behaviour, blocking the flow of healing energy.

This condensed information is known as a Perturbation.

A perturbation is an entity in the thought field that is responsible for triggering all negative emotions. The perturbation contains the specific active information that sets off and guides and controls the physiological, neurological, hormonal, chemical, and cognitive events, which result in the experience of specific negative emotions.

Without a perturbation, no negative emotion is present.

The perturbation information correlates in a relationship with specific tapping treatment points on the body. Successful therapy reduces the impact of perturbations in the thought field.

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