True Balance Within


I was referred to Kacey by my brother who lives on the Sunshine Coast . He had been seeing Kacey for some time with very positive results. I live in Darwin and was unable to visit her personally, so I was offered an absent healing. My initial referral was for my teenage son who was suffering from anxiety and depression after having dropped out of school. He was unemployed and spent his days in his room playing video games. Kacey did an absent healing for him and the changes were instantaneous and profound . He had been in a dark place for nearly one year and the healing lifted a cloud of despair and gave him some hope for change. He has had a further session with her and we continue to see positive change. He is now working and is much happier. We were so impressed with my son's results that we requested absent healing for myself , my husband and my teenage daughter . We have all had very positive outcomes and things are much more peaceful at home. I would not hesitate to recommend Kacey to anyone that wants to bring about positive change in their lives. Thank you Kacey

Very happy with the results !!! I was unable to go to Kacey personally. I am so impressed with the the changes from my recent distance kinesiology experience with Kacey. The issues I was having in my relationship were remarkably less after a couple of sessions. I am so happy she could clear blockages from my husband without him being there. I highly recommend Kacey.

Maree Beattie, Naturopath, Currimundi, QLD

As a Naturopath I am aware of many different ways of diagnosing and treating the human body, and I am open to all modalities. When my 15 year old daughter starting having severe allergic reactions, I was unable to find any foods or substances that were causing such a reaction. This was backed up by the medical doctor doing blood tests which showed that no allergic response had occurred, however she was breaking out in a rash and her throat was closing up. After experiencing many successful sessions myself with kinesiology, I turned to Kacey for help. After one session, Kacey was able to identify the problem on an emotional level and cleared this. I am so grateful for this and my daughter has not had any more of these attacks since.

EG – Sunshine Coast, QLD

Having had about seven or eight sessions with Kacey, I can honestly say the results speak for themselves. One of the issues we worked on was a negative relationship with my stepfather, the issues stemmed from emotional abuse as a child. At the age of 17 I made a decision never to have anything to do with him again, but as we all know the scars don’t just go away because we don’t see the person anymore. Twenty years had passed and since then and every time he would visit my brothers I would stay away, not wanting to face the fears that his presence would arouse, despite people encouraging me to be strong and face it, I couldn’t seem to overcome the fear. After seeing Kacey, and working with this issue, I was not only able to see him for the first time in 20 years, without the slightest hint of anxiety, but I actually invited him over to my house for a BBQ. It was incredible. I was amazed that the feelings that were so debilitating could be gone in such a short space of time. Kacey is an absolute gem, she is both professional and very caring

CR – Brisbane, QLD

Hi Kacey, Just wanted to pass onto you how fabulous I feel. Since your treatment I have felt an inner calm, something I don’t recall having felt for many many years. I am still feeling a ‘lightness’ and it is wonderful. It was the first anniversary of the passing of Dad over the weekend and still the calmness remained. Both my Mum and husband have noticed the change in me, so that is wonderful too. Thank you again for sharing your healing gift with me.

Amazing and sooooo helpful! I've had kinesiology before but this is the most comfortable I've felt. It's been a few days since my session and there have been major shifts. My partner and kids have noticed too. Things i had been struggling with for years are lifting and my mindset changing. I highly recommend everyone come, it's life changing.

I loved my appointment with Kacey. She made me feel so welcome in her space. Explained everything to me before, during and after our session. She picked up on exactly what was going on and specific points that truly resonated with me. I left feeling so light with a huge smile on my face. I highly recommend True Balance, i will definitely be returning. Thank you so much Kacey

Thank you Kasey, From the moment I met you I felt a peace that I haven't felt for a long time. I look forward to my next visit and finally getting some resolution on things that have ailed me for too long.


I had such an amazing session, I feel like a new woman! I will definitely be back for more treatments 🙂 Thank you so much!


Had a distant session with Kacey & felt the shift of energy begun immediately. Highly recommend especially if you just want to remove blocks with complete ease. Thank you Kacey 🙏🏻


It was amazing experience. I would like to continue using the service. With current situation I would be keen to know how virtual version will be like.


Very welcoming space, loved the atmosphere. Kacey Was very thorough and friendly. Felt very comfortable and looking forward to coming back again


Kasey is absolutely brilliant. Thank you x


Kasey is genuine, very welcoming and beyond amazing at what she does. I noticed a huge shift after only one day. I would highly recommend true balance within kinesiology.


Kacey is a very accomplished and caring Kinesiologist. She is a very fair person and gives complete confidence she is giving the best of her knowledge to help make a difference as quickly as she is able. Bill


You are amazing at what you do Kacey 💓


Hi Kacey, Thank you for your time, things are moving with me after your treatment cheers Charles


A most insightful and positive session Thank you


Thanks Kasey for my fruitful first visit. A great session to get to the core of the Vertigo problem. I am now on the mend. My expectation going forward; I open my arms and accept the great blessings that I am now receiving - for I am deserved. Cheers Lorna


I was nervous moving practitioners when I moved up to the Sunny Coast but I'm really happy with Kacey. She is lovely, approachable and says it how it is, which helps you heal faster. Thanks Kacey for your professionalism.


My first kinesiology appointment and it was a lovely environment and I felt very comfortable and relaxed.. Thankyou, I look forward to my next visit..


Amazing experience. Felt like a different person that afternoon. Casey is the nicest person, very professional and the surroundings are beautiful. Highly recommend


I love as soon as you walk in to True Balance you feel at home, peaceful and relaxed straight away. Kacey is a beautiful person, she makes you feel comfortable and safe. I'm looking forward to my next session with her. Michele


All I can say is mind blown!! I went there with a very open mind but still quite skeptical, I applied myself 100% to everything I was asked me to do, visualising everything the best way I could. I felt quite ‘strange’ afterwards but after about 3 hours ... wow! I can’t explain it but I can honestly say this morning when I woke up, it is the first morning in years where the first thought in my mind head isn’t ‘I just can’t do this anymore’. I can’t even conjure up a negative thought, it is so bizarre I don’t know what to do next lol. I honestly didn’t expect the results to be this extreme, this effective and so quick!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Very professional in an extremely relaxed tranquil atmosphere


I had great session with Kacey. She combines a number of different modalities (Kinesiology/EFT/Flower Essences) which I have found very helpful. Thank you Kacey!

I started with Kacey in person while on vacation and was so impressed with the results. When I went home to Canada I continued to use her amazing skills and the results have been just as good! It's so easy, but incredibly effective. I wouldn't want to live without it.

I have been doing sessions with Kacey for around 6 months and she is fantastic! They started face to face in the clinic and then when I moved to Brisbane we began to work via Skype, and they are just as effective. I have worked with a few kinesiologists over the years and find Kacey's approach to be really clear cut, uncannily accurate, and great value for money. I really can't believe how bang on our sessions are and how much we have worked through in a short time. Kacey has a great personality and has helped me a lot to work through issues of heartbreak, self esteem and a changing self identity. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to shift difficult patterns and emotions - in fact, I recommend her to my consulting clients and she's helped them a lot too.

Jess Thoms

I have worked with Kacey both in person and through distant kinesiology for over five years. I can honestly say Kacey has been transformative in my life through her healing, not only helping me through immediate issues but also coping with emotional trauma from a young age. Her distant healing sessions have been a lifesaver. Working with Kacey in a distant session was just as effective and healing as in person. I am 100% more balanced and in touch with my emotions after working with Kacey, which has not just improved my health but my relationships and family life. I couldn't thank her enough.

LB - Sunshine Coast, QLD

I was struggling with PTSD for 10 years before I saw Kasey. I had no quality of life and had been to see at-least 20-25 different doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Specialists. Absolutely nothing worked to relieve me of my suffering. I found that conventional therapy only suppressed my feelings with medicine and I was truly nothing more than a walking zombie suffering mentally as-well as physically (from all of the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs). In my heart, I just wanted to go to sleep forever or just wait till the day it was all over. Kasey has literally transformed my life. I was a doubting Thomas when I came to her, I honestly didn't believe that her treatment would work but now I am not only a believer but a strong advocate for kinesiology. My mind is calm, positive, clear, focused, concentrated and happy and each day, a surge of joy is becoming greater and greater. I am free of all PTSD symptoms. I would never write this unless it actually happened and to anyone suffering from PTSD or anxiety or related illness- kinesiology will get you back to who you really are and let you be all you can be. My family and friends cannot believe the transformation they have witnessed in my life- each day I am living again instead of existing. Thank you Kasey.

RC – Caloundra, QLD

Throughout my life I have had a lot of emotional scaring but I never thought that these past emotions would affect me later on in life as I have always tried to push them down deeper and deeper in the hope to ignore them. I have been to numerous specialists & doctors throughout my adult life with problems such as anxiety, stress, acne, menstrual problems, anger, troubles conceiving, thyroid problems, digestive problems and the list goes on. Every time I have been to a specialist they continue to refer me on to someone else as they can never quite figure out what the actual problem is. Since visiting Kacey most of these problems have simply gone away. I am much happier on a day to day basis and the small things that use to bother me simply do not anymore. I can easily say that Kacey has turned my life around as I never thought all of these physical problems would be connected to my past hurt & trauma. I have recommended Kacey to everyone who passes me by and makes mention of problems that they are having. Kinesiology is more than a natural remedy it is a cure, Kacey is always willing to listen and will continue to help you whenever something arises. I would strongly recommend True Balance Within to anyone!

Casey is a wonderful and talented Kinesiologist. She was able to tap into the core issues that were causing me a lot of stress and help to release them. There was an immediate improvement and two weeks later I am still experiencing positive changes in my body and my emotions. Thank you so much.

I enjoyed life changing kinesiology with Kacey. Kacey is a wonderfully kind, respectful and engaging practitioner that no problem or situation is too great to conquer. Kacey's soothing nature creates and environment to fully open up to her without fear of judgement or loss of confidentiality. After an intense session with Kacey I left feeling like a new person and that I had been able to break through my limiting beliefs. Kacey is one in a million and I am blessed to have found such an extraordinary person to assist me in achieving all I set out to accomplish or conquer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kacey to anyone looking for a superior kinesiologist.


Kacey was friendly, professional and calming. She listened so well and left me feeling relaxed during and after the appointment. Thank you for a great first kinesiology. I will be back.


Had a distant session with Kacey & felt the shift of energy begun immediately. Highly recommend especially if you just want to remove blocks with complete ease. Thank you Kacey 🙏🏻


Kacey you bring up a lot of difficult emotional issues during our sessions. You help me to make connections between my body and emotional health.Thank you for your calm, supportive and non-judgemental presence.


Kacey is AMAZING! My well being has improved immensely since seeing her, both physically and mentally. Other family members have seen her now too. She is lovely person and brilliant at what she does.


Had my first appointment yesterday and I immediately felt a sense of this feels right for me. I have booked a follow up in two weeks and intend to make this an ongoing thing. Kasey was brilliant and very calming.


I was very impressed by the professional manner and the insights Kacey identified in this my first kinesiology consultation to assist me in the healing process. I also found Kacey to be gifted with a warm compassionate nature.


A very effective session. Extremely thorough and comprehensive. A big thankyou I am so gratefull for your help and it's such a wonderful modality I am a new fan of Kinesiology. Thank you. Juanita


Hi Kacey. Oh my gosh!! How eye opening and revealing this session was. You have helped me make huge leaps of awareness and I have had major energy shifts since our experience together. I am most grateful. Many warm soul blessings to you.


Kacey is absolutely amazing. Patient and understanding and listens to both you, and your body. My first session restored to me a sense of peace and calm and I'm looking forward to my next session to continue to become more balanced.


Hi Casey Thank you for a wonderful session, you tuned into my body and I feel I released things that were there for awhile. Everyday since seeing you, I am feeling a little more at peace with my relationship break up and possibly feeling that he wasn’t meant to be, even though the pain of losing him was so intense and claustrophobic. I feel a calmness and a feeling that everything will be ok and it will - I just have to believe it. Thanks again for the lovely kinesiology session, you are amazing in what you do! Kind regards Taryn


Thanks Kacey for an absolutely calming experience. I think I’m feeling more relaxed. I must also add what a beautiful relaxing premises you are so lucky to be operating out of. From the moment you pass through the front door, into that amazing waiting room with that beautiful and into your reassuring treatment room. Thanks again Kacey


I found Kasey to be extremely thorough with her diagnosis of my issues even though some indications were a bit puzzling - however made sense to me. After balancing me I went home and for the first time in a while I had no pain in my legs overnight. I will see if it continues over the coming weeks and I am hopeful that I will only improve. I have told my friends how comfortable I felt and how thorough I found Kasey. I could relate to a lot that Kasey said and for me it was confirmation of what I thought the issue was. Thank you so much Kasey - so glad I have found you - I am sure that I will be back for more balancing as required.


Very supportive, nurturing and transformative experience. Thank you so much for all your care.


I am so grateful to have been put in touch with Kacey. What a beautiful person, as soon as I met her I felt comfortable. She is genuine and really knows her stuff. I have definitely changed in a positive way. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Jenny


Kasey is an exceptional kinesiologist who is very thorough and professional in her treatment; and who I would highly recommend to anyone. Looking very forward to my next session.