Surrogate Kinesiology

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is physics”  -  Albert Einstein

Surrogate means ‘a substitute’ so Surrogate Kinesiology is when one person stands in (physically) to do the healing for another. Why use a Surrogate? Surrogates are used when:
  • The person cannot physically attend the clinic
  • The person does not live in the local area
  • The client is a baby or toddler and having them lie still may be difficult
  • The client is elderly or weak
  • Working with animals
  • Doing Distant Kinesiology – I become the surrogate
  • The person cannot physically attend the clinic

How does Surrogate Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology works with the energy flow in the body.  Surrogate Kinesiology is simply bringing the energy of the (physically) absent client into the surrogate. I confirm (with Kinesiology testing) that I am testing the absent client and not the surrogate. Upon that confirmation, the session begins. If you know someone that would benefit from Surrogate Kinesiology but is unable to come to the clinic, you can be their surrogate. Alternately I can be their surrogate which is how Distant Kinesiology is done.

Distant Kinesiology

Being that everything is energy and the modalities used at True Balance Within Kinesiology are to align and balance energy, then Kinesiology can be done remotely for people all over the world. Distant Kinesiology is where the Kinesiology session can be done without physically being present in the clinic. You can live in the next town or on the other side of world and still receive a Kinesiology balance. So if you are feeling stuck, frustrated, angry or depressed; if you are struggling to achieve your goals, procrastinating; if you are feeling anxious, stressed or just don’t feel right then contact us today and book your Distant Kinesiology session now.


  • I was referred to Kacey by my brother who lives on the Sunshine Coast . He had been seeing Kacey for some time with very positive results. I live in Darwin and was unable to visit her personally, so I was offered an absent healing. My initial referral was for my teenage son who was suffering from anxiety and depression after having dropped out of school. He was unemployed and spent his days in his room playing video games. Kacey did an absent healing for him and the changes were instantaneous and profound . He had been in a dark place for nearly one year and the healing lifted a cloud of despair and gave him some hope for change. He has had a further session with her and we continue to see positive change. He is now working and is much happier. We were so impressed with my son's results that we requested absent healing for myself , my husband and my teenage daughter . We have all had very positive outcomes and things are much more peaceful at home. I would not hesitate to recommend Kacey to anyone that wants to bring about positive change in their lives. Thank you Kacey
  • I started with Kacey in person while on vacation and was so impressed with the results.  When I went home to Canada I continued to use her amazing skills and the results have been just as good! It's so easy, but incredibly effective. I wouldn't want to live without it.
  • I have been doing sessions with Kacey for around 6 months and she is fantastic! They started face to face in the clinic and then when I moved to Brisbane we began to work via Skype, and they are just as effective. I have worked with a few kinesiologists over the years and find Kacey's approach to be really clear cut, uncannily accurate, and great value for money. I really can't believe how bang on our sessions are and how much we have worked through in a short time. Kacey has a great personality and has helped me a lot to work through issues of heartbreak, self esteem and a changing self identity. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to shift difficult patterns and emotions - in fact, I recommend her to my consulting clients and she's helped them a lot too.
  • Very happy with the results !!! I was unable to go to Kacey personally. I am so impressed with the the changes from my recent distance kinesiology experience with Kacey. The issues I was having in my relationship were remarkably less after a couple of sessions. I am so happy she could clear blockages  from my husband without him being there. I highly recommend Kacey.
  • I have worked with Kacey both in person and through distant kinesiology for over five years. I can honestly say Kacey has been transformative in my life through her healing, not only helping me through immediate issues but also coping with emotional trauma from a young age. Her distant healing sessions have been a lifesaver. Working with Kacey in a distant session was just as effective and healing as in person. I am 100% more balanced and in touch with my emotions after working with Kacey, which has not just improved my health but my relationships and family life. I couldn't thank her enough.
    Jess Thoms

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