True Balance Within


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle and safe healing modality that accesses the subconscious mind to find information attributing to your current issues. Kinesiology addresses the cause of an issue (rather than band-aiding or hiding the symptom).  Once the cause is identified and released, the body can restore itself to a balanced state.  Symptoms are merely your body’s way of communicating with you to say ‘something isn’t right’.  

The body was made to be in perfect balance and health; we just get in the way.
Kinesiology is a deep lasting technique that taps into your body’s own awareness to find the answers.

Imagine being able to easily let go of past hurt and trauma and live life fully present.  Imagine not reliving the pain of past issues and being able to step forward confidently into your ideal future.  Imagine a life of vitality, joy, abundance and living ‘your’ dream.  Imagine making empowering decisions from choice rather than fear.

Kinesiology helps find your True Balance Within!

Kinesiology is for anyone who:

Kinesiology and Energy Healing is a safe modality that can be experienced by:


rebalance from birth, release stress from traumatic birth


change, going to school, learning difficulties, behavioral issues, sibling rivalry


peer pressure, difficulties at school, relationship issues, acceptance


life direction, physical symptoms, emotional upsets, relationship issues, stress, anxiety


separation anxiety, behavioral issues, aggression


clear the space of imbalanced or stagnant energy

Benefits of Kinesiology

How Many Sessions?

Distant Healing