Kinesiology for Pets

Kinesiology For Pets

Is your pet withdrawn, aggressive, sulky, anxious or timid?

Have they gone off their food or water or perhaps become a fussy eater?

And there is nothing physically wrong?

Then your pet could be emotionally distressed and it’s time for an energy balance. If your pet doesn’t seem to be 100% healthy or happy and the cause isn’t easily determined, then Kinesiology may be a helpful technique.

Depending on your pets’ history, he/she may have come from an abusive or neglected household. Shock, trauma and anxiety are all part of your pets’ energy. Animals can be traumatised by events, weather, loud noises and abuse.

By using Kinesiology testing, the cause of these symptoms can be located and processed. The energy of your pet becomes aligned and the healing begins.

Kinesiology works in conjunction with veterinarian care. Kinesiology does not treat, diagnose or prescribe so please contact your vet for conditions you are concerned about.

How is Kinesiology done on Pets?

Kinesiology is done on pets through a Surrogate (or substitute) such as you the owner, or someone who knows the animal. Alternately, if you are not local, you can email me a photo of your pet and I become the surrogate.

Clinic Healing:

I will ask you to lie on the table and think about your pet. Your pet’s energy is transferred to you. Using your arm muscle (as the indicator) I confirm that I am working with your pet (and not the surrogate) then testing begins.

Online Skype Healing:

If you are unable to come to the Clinic on the Sunshine Coast, an appointment can be made for online healings via Skype. After discussing your pets priorities I will do the muscle testing on myself and discuss what comes up.

Remote/Distant Healing:

If you are unable to come to the Clinic on the Sunshine Coast, I can do distant or remote healing where I become the surrogate and your pets’ energy is transferred to me.

Simply send me an email with your pets name, date of birth (or approx. age), symptoms and a photo of your pet.

Once I have completed the healing I will email the information back to you.


Pet Case Study

I recently did a surrogate Kinesiology session on an adopted dog and the emotion that came up was ‘abandoned’. He was having trouble settling into his new home with new owners. The negative effects of feeling abandoned were processed and the dog was much happier.

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