True Balance Within

Immune Balance

This balance focuses on strengthening and supporting your immune system. It combines a kinesiology balance, tuning fork treatment and flower essences all targeting the immune system.  We look at the energy in relation to your thymus, spleen and lymphatics.

Stress creates many negative effects in the body. One being that it puts the body out of balance. When a danger or stress is perceived (whether real or imagined), adrenaline and cortisol are released to help you respond to the stress.

The response is called fight or flight. When this response is activated, the functionality of the immune system is greatly reduced allowing the energy to go the extremities to fight or run. The stress response is great for when we are in danger.

Unfortunately, life is so busy now (with all the perceived dangers of work pressure, money, relationships) that the stress response never shuts off so the immune system may stop working efficiently.  You may experience fatigue and a run-down feeling which may lead to illness.

Immunity can be weakened by stress, emotional stress or poor nutrition.  

Immunity Balance (1 hour) $140