True Balance Within


We will discuss the reason for your visit and if you have any specific areas of concern, for example, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, taking things personally, grief, fear, guilt, addictions. If there are no specific concerns then we will have a general discussion to work out any desired outcomes. Upon conclusion of our discussion I will ask you to lie face up on the massage table (you are fully clothed).

Using an indicator muscle (your arm bent at the elbow) I will begin to locate any emotions, belief systems or imbalances in your body.

Throughout the session I will discuss the information that comes up to give you a conscious understanding of the imbalance. The imbalances, emotions and belief systems are cleared using different techniques. Sometimes you can feel quite emotional with what comes up, that is all part of the clearing.

For adults the session is generally an hour.

For children 12 years and under the session is 30mins.

If you feel you would like more time 90min sessions are available. Please advise when making your appointment.

Kinesiology (for adults and children over 12)
60min – $120
90min – $180
120min – $240

Kinesiology for kids (under 12)
30min – $70

Distant Kinesiology (zoom/skype/email)
60min – $120

Kinesiology for pets
60min – $120

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Each person and each situation are different and unique to the individual. In most cases 3 sessions is sufficient to clear most issues. On occasion further sessions maybe required if the issue is long standing or if the issue has many layers.

At the end of the first session I will ask your body how many sessions you require. It is your decision whether you continue with your healing journey. After the initial group of sessions I will then encourage you to listen to your own inner wisdom and body to tell you when it’s time for a balance. As things are released other underlying issues may come up that you would like to address.

Some clients have fortnightly sessions and some have monthly sessions. Others have sessions when they need help facing a new challenge in life.

It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for your healing journey.

Each person’s session and outcome are completely independent and will vary. There can even be variations from session to session for the one client.

Things that may experience:

  • Feel on an extreme high or extreme low
  • Swing between high and low
  • Crying, feeling angry or depressed as things come to the surface to be released
  • Clarity
  • Feel lighter and happier
  • Feel unsettled
  • Perception changes – the problem isn’t a problem anymore
  • Physical symptoms begin to heal
  • Feel a sense of peace and calmness
  • Feel tired and maybe even exhausted as the energy starts to move
  • A new layer of issues arise – peeling the onion, one layer is removed so the next layer is exposed
  • Sometimes nothing will be different – it may take a few sessions and it does also take time for the body to process the changes and then be in that similar situation to notice a change in yourself
  • You may feel worse before you feel better
  • Cold or flu like symptoms
  • Increase in dreams or old memories surface

In the days after your session things may feel worse while the stress diffuses. Honour your needs and the healing process. Drink plenty of water.

With all energy healings you may or may not experience a shift instantly. Generally it does take time for the changes to take place. You may not recognise the changes (others around you may) and then one day you will realise things are different. The changes can be so subtle.

As a Kinesiologist, I don’t treat, diagnose or prescribe conditions. I work with you and your symptoms to restore your body back to a balanced state. By restoring this balance, the body heals itself so you may notice some changes in physical conditions.