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Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology can help in many areas of your life

Kinesiology can help in many areas of your life. The main benefit of Kinesiology is to reduce stress. Stress creates many negative effects in the body. One being that it puts the body out of balance. When a danger or stress is perceived (whether real or imagined), adrenaline and cortisol are released to help you respond to the stress. The response is called fight or flight. When this response is activated, the functionality of the digestive and immune systems are greatly reduced allowing the energy to go the extremities to fight or run. The stress response is great for when we are in danger.

Unfortunately life is so busy now (with all the perceived dangers of work pressure, money, relationships) that the stress response never shuts off causing the Hypothalamus (balance centre of the body) to stop working efficiently.  The digestive and immune systems also stop working efficiently. Then we use the quick fix of sugar, coffee, alcohol. Over time stress can have a major impact on your life and you can become seriously ill before you know it. Take time to make (and attend) your Kinesiology appointment to find what is causing your stress. Call Kacey at True Balance Within Kinesiology on 0438 468 934.

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