True Balance Within

About Us

Searching for a Sunshine Coast Kinesiologist? Explore the Health Benefits of True Balance Within Kinesiology

Based in the beautiful Buderim / Sippy Downs area, Kacey Griggs from True Balance Within Kinesiology offers gentle and safe healing therapies that work by accessing the subconscious mind. The beauty of Kinesiology is that each balance is individualized to you and we address the cause of the issue rather than hiding the symptom.

True Balance Within Kinesiology is one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading Kinesiologists, working to provide Kinesiology balances for adults, children and pets. 

We’re here to improve your life using the power of Kinesiology

Using muscle testing (Kinesiology) we tap into your own innate awareness and self-healing abilities.  All the answers come from your body. True Balance Within Kinesiology utilises a range of energy healing techniques – TFT tapping, chakra balancing, colour balancing, flower essences and tuning forks, all to support your energy healing and return to good health.

Whether you are experiencing emotional issues such as panic, anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions, grief, trauma, anger, or physical issues like headaches, skin conditions, digestive problems and pain or you would like help with relationships, self-confidence and life direction, True Balance Within Buderim offer a confidential energy healing balance.

Let go of past programs, hurt and trauma so you can live fully present and embrace a life of vitality, joy and abundance. To live with inner peace and harmony is living the way nature intended you to be. A great benefit of Kinesiology – getting you back to your true self.

Identify and balance your subconscious blocks that inhibit the flow of energy in your body

Kinesiology and other energy healing techniques are helpful for living a harmonious life with balance and positive energy. Kacey uses muscle testing to test and locate energy imbalances in your body. She will then use specific techniques to empower your body’s wellness and initiate self-healing, often an experience of stress release.  Stress has many adverse effects on the body, one being that it puts the body systems out of balance. 

At True Balance Within Kinesiology, our focus is on clearing subconscious blocks and providing supportive techniques that surround your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy – providing that ‘True Balance Within’ feeling that is needed for overall health.

If you’re feeling out of balance, life isn’t joyous or you just don’t feel ‘right’, it is time to listen to your body and access these life-changing, energy healing techniques.  Distant healing is available if you don’t live on the Sunshine Coast.

If you are searching for an energy healing Kinesiologist on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than True Balance Within Buderim. Sessions are by appointment only, Monday to Saturday from 9.30am with late appointments available – True Balance Within Kinesiology works closely with clients to provide a tailored and naturally healing experience for a healthy and stress-free life.