True Balance Within

Who is Kinesiology for?

As cliché as it sounds, Kinesiology really is for everyone at some point in their life.

I have found Kinesiology to be a profound modality that accesses the subconscious mind to locate all the hidden fears, traumas, self-sabotages, negative behaviours and triggers that cause you to react or make certain choices in life. These choices can create some not so good circumstances and create reactions that may leave you asking the question, where did that come from? It also clears the negative aspect from stored emotions.

As Albert Einstein once said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is physics”

Each emotion and belief has a frequency that plays out in your cellular structure. That frequency then attracts circumstances, situations, events and people to match that frequency. As an example, let’s say you have a stored belief system ‘my life must be struggle’. The frequency to that belief system goes out like a radio wave or magnet and attracts all the circumstances, situations, events and people to prove your life must be a struggle. This continues until one day you become fed up with this recurring struggle and look for options to change this cycle.

One option is Kinesiology! Now, Kinesiology is a huge umbrella and many practitioners use it in different ways. I use Kinesiology to find the emotion or belief system that is inhibiting growth and creating the symptom.


Anyone who:
• Is experiencing discomfort, stress or anxiety;
• Is experiencing relationship difficulties;
• Is feeling stuck, struggling with life or not coping with change;
• Is reacting to situations or behaving in a manner that is out of character;
• Is experiencing negative impacts from depression, grief, guilt, phobias, addictions;
• Just doesn’t feel right;
• Is experiencing physical symptoms and there is no known cause;
• Would like to improve their confidence and wellbeing.

Kinesiology and Energy Healing is a safe modality that can be experienced by:
• Infants
• Children
• Teenagers
• Adults – Young, Middle Age and Elderly
• Pets
• Spaces – Car, House, Business

Kinesiology can be experienced by infants to rebalance from birth, release stress from a traumatic or premature birth, release stress that has been handed down from parents, and even help bond mother/child or father/child if there was a separation at birth.

Children can be helped to copy with any changes in their life like going to school and separation anxiety, learning difficulties, and behavioural issues. Kinesiology can help with emotional loss if parents are separated or divorced, and ease emotional stress from being bullied.

Kinesiology can help teenagers cope with peer pressure through improving self confidence, help release stress from exams, relationship issues, and assist with self acceptance.

For adults, Kinesiology can clear the stress inhibiting simple decisions or on life direction, help find the cause to physical symptoms, release triggers of emotional upsets, recurring relationship issues, release stress and anxiety, and a range of negative emotions that impact everyday life.

Kinesiology can even help pets with separation anxiety, behavioural issues, and aggression. This is great for fostered or re-homed pets to help them feel settled and accepted.

Finally, Kinesiology helps clear spaces like the work place, home or specific room of imbalanced or stagnant energy. Helps refresh and cleanse the energy of a space prior to moving in.