Name Signature Alignment

Name/Signature Alignment

Have you ever wondered about the relationship you have with your name?

As with all things, your name has an energy vibration. Are you aligned with this energy?

Not being aligned with your name energy (whether birth name, married name, adopted name, changed name) could create a disconnection from self. You could feel disinterested in self, have low self-esteem/self-confidence.

Negative emotions or beliefs stored subconsciously can prevent you being aligned with this energy.

These beliefs and feelings about yourself can be inherited from birth, womb world or even previous generations. These beliefs and emotions can have a huge impact when it comes to reaching your full potential and how you see yourself.

Using the tools of Kinesiology these negative attachments are processed and you are re-aligned with your name/signature energy.

There can also be different energy vibrations between writing your name, seeing your name or hearing your name.

Call Kacey from True Balance Within Kinesiology today and align with your name!

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